Sunday, August 12, 2012

Counting Blessings

As I sit up, unable to sleep and weary of work, I find myself counting blessing as one, I suppose, counts sleep. It is tempting--and I too-frequently yield to the tempation--to count losses, regrets, sins, mistakes, and second guesses. I find it amazing that, at least for me, the blessings fly, forgotten as a dream, while losses, regreets, sins, mistakes, and second guesses have the biodegradable life span of styrofoam. So there's wisdom in righting blessings down. And now that I figured out how to edit a post, I can add to the list. There's no ego here, really.

  • My family is heading home tomorrow!
  • I am loving listening to all three of my clocks tick and chime--something I won't be able to do when my family gets home tomorrow.
  • Today I received a message from a former student telling me that my virtual logjams make a difference to her. 
  • Today I received a message from a pastor saying that I inspired her preaching. 
  • A bunch of nutty pastors are excited about a continuing education event I am leading--on a Carnival Cruise.
  • I am losing weight and gonna stick with it, and I am saying this out loud!
Can I post five (or six) blessings once a week? Now here is a spiritual discipline!

Should NOT have started this, 'cause now there are more to name:
  • An unexpected message from a former student remembering the 25th anniversary of my ordination, and an even more unexpected reception celebrating the occasion, given by my current M.Div. students.  
  • Emails of support from members of NAAL, particularly Gennifer Brooks, Scott Haldeman, Walter Ray, Troy Messenger, Jen Lord, Melinda Quivik, Ed Foley, Don Sailers, Bob Taft, James Olsen, ... Wow!
  • Cathy Hilkert, Mike Connors, Notre Dame
  • Mike Shelly and Jim Nieman
  • Marcy Miller, Tim Olson, Melinda Wagner, Ann Hoch, Dow & Charlie, John & Clare  

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